Ongoing Research

Current research activities are directed towards polymorphism pharmaceutical cocrystals, design and synthesis of solid-state assemblies

Polymorphism and pseudo polymorphism.

Host-guest inclusion chemistry.

Design of novel crystalline solids.

Hydrogen bonding and inter-halogen bonding.

Thermal measurements on polymorphs.

Photo Isomerization Studies

Xenograft Study

Zwitterion to Neutral Transformation

Permeability Protocol Development

Pre-clinical testing of drug cocrystals and eutectics.

Supramolecular chemistry is chemistry beyond the molecule. Conventional chemistry deals with covalent bonds while supramolecular chemistry examines the weaker and reversible non-covalent interactions like hydrogen bonding, metal coordination, hydrophobic forces, Vander Waals forces, π-π interactions and electrostatic effects between the molecules. The study of non-covalent interactions has got immense importance in biological systems. Crystal engineering is defined as the understanding of intermolecular interaction in the context of crystal packing and in the utilization of such understanding in the design of new solids with desired physical and chemical properties. Crystal engineering is the construction of crystalline materials from molecules or ions using non-covalent interactions. It deals with the self assembly of both organic and inorganic system: molecular crystals, nanostructures metal-organic frameworks and coordination polymers.