Section editor of Acta Crystallographica Section B

Post date: May 19, 2017 10:6:46 AM

Wrriten by Prof. Desiraju: It's a pleasure to record the appointment of Prof. Ashwini Kumar Nangia, Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune as a main editor of Acta Crystallographica Section B. Prof. Nangia heads one of the largest labs in the CSIR family and brings a great deal of experience in crystallography, crystal engineering and organic chemistry. He is very well known within IUCr and is also a member of its Commission on Structural Chemistry. Acta Cryst B is rapidly growing in stature and impact. I recollect that one of my own papers (1989) in this journal was a personal turning point for me. Acta B is a journal by the experts, for the experts and of the experts. with Prof. C. Malla Reddy of IISER Kolkata, who is a section editor of the same journal, I hope that many good papers in India (quality and quantity both required) start showing up in this important journal of structural chemistry and crystal engineering. My best wishes to both these talented chemists.